Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lion Cake

Over this last weekend, I worked on my first lion cake to celebrate my son's first birthday. I can't believe how fast and wonderful this last year was. My kids have blessed my life with all their laughter, hugs and kisses. I wouldn't change them for anything.

So because my son is so wonderful and sweet, I wanted to make him an awesome first cake to dig into. This post is mostly about the construction of the cake instead of the baking process. But, unfortunately, I didn't take pictures throughout the process. I was a little stretched this weekend by planning my son's party and making 48 cupcakes for a friend, while trying to keep my three year old out of the frosting and make semi healthy meals for the family (I won't lie, I made a lot of chicken nuggets and Mac N' Cheese). But it was a fun weekend, the cake turned out really good and my son loved it. That's all that matters.

So here is the finished product:

The face of the lion is my Fluffy Chocolate cake and the cupcake mane is a vanilla cake.
The frosting a new type of buttercream (well, new to me that is) called German buttercream. Apparently there are many types of buttercream and the main difference between them is how you cook the sugar. I'll do a blog of the German buttercream next because it was delicious!
The accents are chocolate American buttercream for the nose and mouth, and green American buttercream eyes. The whiskers are piped milk chocolate that have cooled and hardened.

The eyes are cupcakes that I individually frosted and stacked onto of the face, which I also did with the mouth but I used a heart shaped pan.  The german buttercream was so easy to use and spread so smoothly that I will definitely be using it again next time I need to make a cake without fondant.  

For the mane, I used Wilton tip #2 and piped a bunch of fur.  I used my favorite Wilton disposable bags and just cut a small tip of the end to pipe the milk chocolate whiskers onto parchment paper and let them cool until firm.

Lastly, I put all the pieces of the puzzle together with parchment paper under the face, cupcakes around that and stuck the whiskers into the muzzle.  My son loved it and couldn't get enough.  I feel this is just the beginning of his deep love of baked goods. 

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